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Christmas Celebration 2010
Evangel Cathedral
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 
Celebrating Christ: 20 Years of Exceptional Gospel Performance
Appearances by Anointed Gospel Award Winning Artists
Yolanda Adams, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Tye Tribbett, and Stephen Hurd
By Andrea L. “Aunni” Young SPECIAL to the Afro American Newspaper
Celebrate Christmas and rejoice in the birth of Jesus at the Evangel Cathedral, where anointed, award winning gospel artists Yolanda Adams, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Tye Tribbett, and Stephen Hurd share the message of superstar Jesus Christ through amazing songs.  A 20 year celebration of this awesome production, the Evangel Cathedral cast glorify God with spirit filled music, fun dance, authentic costumes, fascinating imagery, amazing set design, and live animals on stage. Attendees will never forget the excitement and overwhelming power of God that brings packed audiences to their feet when anointed gospel celebrities and actors join together sharing the powerful message of God’s goodness.  “God’s gifts will make room for you”, stated Tribbett, “the gift (of God) is the vehicle that brings you before great men.”
Tye TribbettHailed as the most spectacular Broadway-style Christmas musical production in the Washington, DC , area, a community of Christian citizens transform audiences with traditional holiday song and dance in Christmas Celebration 2010’s first half.  Attendees share in the fun as performers dance and sing their way through the aisles and onto the stage outfitted in authentic town square costumes.  Youthful actors captivate everyone with excerpts from the Nutcracker, aerial acrobatics, and a throwback of holiday musical impersonations of artists like Michael Jackson, Boys II Men,  Patti La Belle, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross & the Supremes and many others.  As the audience erupts with joy and laughter, live renditions of “Victory” by Tribbett, “He Saw the Best in Me” by Sapp, “Let us Worship Him” by Adams, and “Only You Are Holy” by McClurkin bring audiences to their feet praising the Lord.  “There is some song or some testimony that has changed their life”, said Adams,  “the biggest celebrity in the world is Jesus Christ. We just have a platform to be used for God’s glory to show how cool God really is.”
Yolanda AdamsAs the audience settles in for more spectacular excitement, Christmas Celebration 2010’s second half uses live animals, real-world drama in biblical story telling, and a fascinating laser light show to tell the story of Christ birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection.  The audience can see and smell the realness of camels, llamas, horses and other animals as they dance through the aisles and make appearances onstage where performers reveal the brilliance of Jesus the Christ.  Jesus Christ, the Superstar, performs miracles in the village, and the audience is evoked with awe and fear.   This must see performance spares no interpretation of the real-life whippings of the Savior in Pilates Court and hanging on the cross at the Crucifixion.  As Jesus resurrection and ascension take place, McClurkin returns to the stage enrapturing the audience in the glory of God revealed.  Currently writing a book titled “The Lost Gods”, McClurkin shared in an interview, “God invested authority in us to walk in power.”
Donnie McClurkin
Brilliant performances by Adams, Sapp, Hurd, McClurkin, and Tribbett continue throughout the production of Christmas Celebration 2010, as audiences respond wildly with foot stomping, hand clapping, and shouts of “hallelujahs” and “Praise the Lord”. “I learned praise and worship through this church”, said Hurd, whose music has been used in the past for this must-see-can’t-forget production. “I was blessed on a couple of songs”, revealed Hurd, “I just want to stay as humble as possible.”   Hurd’s new release “Oh that Men Would Worship”, his 6 live recording, a concept Hurd says, “when men demonstrate worship, they will attract men to worship.” 
Marvin Sapp and daughters MiKaila Madisson and NatalieSapp, who recently lost his wife MaLinda Sapp to colon cancer, shared  his plans to build on almost 20 acres of land called Kingdom Square, helping to empower the Grand Rapids, Michigan business community.  Sapp’s plans include a $2.1 million performing arts public charter school, a full service salon, restaurant, and recording studio.  Sapp’s has also written three new books, “Never Would Have Made It Moments”, “Stepping Out on the Promise”,  and “Diary of a Psalmist”.  All are expected to be released in mid December.  Daughter MiKaila Sapp recently released “The Girl Behind the Mask – The Diary of Marvin Sapp’s Daughter”, a journal capturing her thoughts during her mother MaLinda’s battle with cancer, and is now working on her 2 book.  Daughter Maddison has developed a social network for youth called “Faith Book Jr.” 
Producer of this stellar music production, Elder Peyton Gray, said Evangel Cathedral “has always been a pioneer in setting a platform that is ecclesiastical for the city and the world to see Christ, an opportunity for men and women to glorify God, whether through the preached word, dramatic word, or music and leave out of this place changed.”  Christmas Celebration 2010 represents 20 years of Evangel Cathedral’s annual Christmas production.  Opening Saturday, December 4, 2010, the performances continue through Sunday, December 19.  Evangel Cathedral is located at 13901 Central Avenue, Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  The church is led by Bishop Don D. Meares, Senior Pastor.
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