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CBC Chair Shares Insight for Session
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Emanuel Cleaver II CBC Chair and Andrea L. Newly Elected Congressional Black Caucus Chair
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II
(D-MO), 5th District
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Congratulations to Reverend Emanuel Cleaver, II
Congressman (D-MO), 5th District
Newly Elected Congressional Black Caucus Chair
for the 112th Congress
January 5, 2011 
Congratulations Congressman Cleaver! Yesterday's interview with Congressman Cleaver covered topics including health care reform, supporting President Obama, the Green Impact Zone of Missouri, the impact of the Census, federally funded summer employment for youth, tax cut reform, and Rev. Cleaver's faith in God as a leader in 2011! Look forward to this and more in my story for the Afro American Newspaper and also other important information right here at  A special thank you to my Sister In Law La Rochelle Young, senior policy advisor, political consultant and journalist.
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