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Miss DJ Gemz on the 1s and 2s
By Aunni Y 
August 1, 2010
Tabaq Bistro & Night Club, Washington, DC
In DC’s U Street Corridor on a random Friday night, Tabaq blazed to new levels with the furiously smooth and swift uber-conscious skills of one particular female DJ.  
Tabaq’s 4th floor bounced and shook as patrons moved in sync and jumped around to vicious beats from around the world.  Nothing can stop this DJ - she is fierce, her skills are tight, people love to see her work all through the night.
Gemma Easterling - aka Miss DJ Gemz, is wanted by every party, poetry slam, basketball game, and underground hip-hop scene in the DC area.   Gemz, an electrical engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon, is also a well studied mixmaster who can give you that funky beat!  ”It’s a skill I picked up while in college”, said Gemz, I had a few friends who were very good DJs (DJ Thermos, DJ YS, DJ Phinesse). They taught me everything from the type of equipment to buy, how to use it and take care of it, along with the basics of dj-ing and getting gigs.”  Gemz has been humbled by request after request to DJ at several spots in the District.
By my witness, Gemz turns out every crowd!  Bringing unity through music that melts international flavor of all kinds – African American, Hispanic, Asian, African, Caucasian…and the list goes on and on! Sessions with Gemz leads you into wonder-moment:  there is no telling how the music will flow or what beat will be next as the body moves when Gemz is on the 1s and 2s...the flow is excellent.  The groove is complete as people move their hips to the beat.  When Gemz makes the party jump, it calls for a lesson in music genre: a sexy culture and sound is always taking you higher and higher and higher…You simply enjoy the progression.  And for sure, it takes a lot of progression to hang with her: Gemz is smart and cool - I've never seen this chick sweat - ever.  Maybe it’s her education, maybe it’s her hands on the turntables. What workout must one do to get it done like her? All I know is when I left Tabaq, the beat was whirling around the floor in a funky haze of grooves, sounds, moves, and folks were rhyming along with song…
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